X-Men ’97 is great entertainment. Emotional, exciting, and everything else audiences hope and want from comic book escapism. The Emmy-contending animated series delivered the goods, simply put. Look no further than the episode “Motendo/Lifedeath – Part 1,” in which audiences we’re treating to an X-Men ’97 16-Bit video game set-piece.

Supervising producer Jake Castorena, who also directed the pilot episode, told Immersive Media’s Editor-in-Chief, Jack Giroux, that the pieces are all there for an X-Men ’97 16-Bit video game. “I’m going to give shout out to John Davies, our game animator,” Castorena said. “Look, I’ll put it this way, John Davies did everything to the minutia that if we went to Marvel… If we wanted to make the game, we probably could. He went full-tilt. The dude crossed all of his T’s and dotted all of his i’s and did the job well and above and beyond.”

Unsurprisingly, Castorena sounded very enthusiastic about the idea.

For the jaw-droopingly cool 16-bit action in X-Men ’97, the producer credits the open communication between the directors, storyboard artists, and production team for making the vision come to life. Together, they gave John Davies the storyboards and beats he had to hit in the game sequence. All-around great work that, hopefully, we’ll see more of one day in a new X-Men video game…

X-Men ’97 is streaming on Disney+.

Miles Kelley

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