Stan Lee
Stan Lee in Thor: Ragnarok (Credit: Marvel)

Stan Lee‘s legacy continues to not only live on but inspire. The Marvel co-creator and idea man was a face and voice celebrated for decades in film and television productions. Even though his cameos are missed, his voice is still omnipresent in adaptations, including the great X-Men ’97.

Immersive Media’s Editor-in-Chief, Jack Giroux, spoke with head director and supervising producer Jake Castorena about the Emmy-contending series. During the conversation, Castorena was asked how he and the team wanted to pay tribute to Stan Lee with X-Men ’97. His response:

We all have a different relationship with Stan, whether it’s you’re a writer, an artist, a designer, etc. Everybody has their unique moments. For me, it’s just if we do it right, we’re just going to honor the legacy of what Stan the Man did and all the artists that brought the X-Men to fruition. You can have an amazing IP, an amazing story, amazing vision, but if you don’t have the artists or the team to bring that to life, you have a book. So, to honor everyone that helped bring the X-Men together is awesome.

It just fundamentally goes back to what Stan The Man said when he initially created the X-Men, people that are fundamentally born different, they’re mutants. They’re just fundamentally born different, and people hate and fear them because they are born different. The allegory is right there.

It’s honoring the initial mission statement when Stan was creating the X-Men with all the artists. That, to me, fills my heart knowing that we’re doing that. That’s how I feel. Ideally, it’d be cool to have Stan looking down and smiling at us and yelling “excelsior” as we get this project out there.

X-Men ’97 is available to stream on Disney+.

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