The Long Kiss Goodnight sequel
The Long Kiss Goodnight (Credit: New Line)

The Long Kiss Goodnight is an action classic. Filmmaker Renny Harlin and screenwriter Shane Black fired on all cylinders alongside the perfect match of charisma and talent leading the film, Geena Davis and Samuel L. Jackson. It’s a favorite among action fans, and to this day, Harlin still wants to direct The Long Kiss Goodnight sequel.

The director is back with another horror film to add to his filmography, The Strangers: Chapter 1. When we spoke to Harlin for his latest work, he discussed the uphill but not lost battle to make The Long Kiss Goodnight sequel. “Sam Jackson is a good friend of mine, and we always keep talking about it,” Harlin told Immersive. “We would love to see that sequel happen. It’s just one of those things, like the movie was very well received, it has a huge fan base, but studios tend to look at just the box office numbers, which I understand. So, it’s a hard thing to do. We’ve said, ‘We can do it much cheaper and all this,’ but maybe one of these days, even if not in theaters, it could be a streamer because a lot of people do know that title and women really like it because the movie was so empowering to them.”

There’s no script, but there is a treatment. The basic premise for the sequel is Charlene Baltimore’s (Geena Davis) daughter, Caitlin, needs Mitch Hennessy’s (Samuel L. Jackson) help. “She’s a college student about to graduate from college when shit hits the fan, and the only person that she can turn to is Mitch Hennessy,” Harlin explained. “They haven’t talked to each other for years and years and years, and she has to seek out Mitch Hennessy, who’s again, down on his luck in his life and doesn’t want to have anything to do with this family anymore. The last time was just enough trouble, but then realizes that he has to help her. It becomes mainly a journey of Charlene Baltimore’s daughter on the road with Mitch Hennessy.”

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