Lucy Liu in Elementary (Credit: CBS)

At Immersive Media, we believe Lucy Liu should get all the awards. The artist received Gold Legend Award at the Gold Gala, celebrating her work in the arts. Gold House organized the event to celebrate Asian and Pacific Island in entertainment and beyond.

Liu first prominent role was on the hit show, Ally McBeal. She went on to become one of the finest movie stars of the 21st Century with off-the-charts charismatic performances in Charlie’s Angels and Kill Bill Vol. 1. Years later, the human rights ambassador starred in 154 episodes of Elementary and directed several episodes to acclaim.

At the Gold Gala, she expressed her appreciation for her community. “I love that we are all here tonight because there is no ceiling,” she said. “And I’ve never seen that for myself and I want to all collectively to understand how special this moment is that we are as a community. I share this award with you because you have lifted me up, given me strength. You have made me so proud.”

Liu went on to explain why she’s especially grateful for the well-deserved acknowledgement of her craft. “I feel like it’s been very lonely and I wish so much that there was more encouragement from my family, because just a little bit goes so long in where you’re going, in your journey,” she added. “It’s hard when you’re the first person in the room; when you’re the only person that is different. And we are here now and we are collectively special because of that.”

Liu is not only a force on-screen, but over the years, she’s continued to explore her creativity in other roles. She directed episodes of American Born Chinese, Luke Cage, and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. She also paints with great personal fulfillment and success. At the National Museum of Singapore, Liu’s work was a part of a two-person show. On and off-screen, Liu creates and inspires.

P.S. Lucy Liu’s five favorite movies are dynamite.

Miles Kelley

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