Megalopolis has finally screened publicly at the Cannes Film Festival. The reviews are polarizing, to say the least. Some critics are calling an inspiring vision from Francis Ford Coppola, others are calling it an ambitious misfire. In other words, Megalopolis remains one of the most highly-anticipated visions, not just films, of the year.

After the long-awaited premiere, a teary-eyed Coppola dedicated his epic drama to hope. “As Caesar says, ‘We’re all one family. You’re all my cousins, because we are one. We are the human family,'” Coppola said. “As you see at the end, that’s who we should pledge our allegiance to, our entire family and to this beautiful home Earth we have. That is my wish, that it is the children that’ll inherit the world from us. The most important word we have is the most beautiful word in any language, Esperanza, hope, and that’s what I dedicate this film to, hope. Hope to make a world for the children.”

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