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Delainey Hayles in Interview with the Vampire (Credit: Larry Horricks/AMC)

One of the great comedic and tragic heights in the latest season of Interview with the Vampire is episode four, “I want you more than anything in the world.” Claudia (Delainey Hayles) thinks she’s found a family of vampires, but instead, she’s reminded of her pain nightly.

The forever child sings and dances as Baby Lulu (Claudia) falls to her death. The play is called “My Baby Loves Windows,” featuring an original song the actress has to sing again and again. The tune, “I Don’t Like Windows When They’re Closed,” was written by composer Daniel Hart.

Hart spoke with Immersive’s editor, Jack Giroux, about how the song came about. Now, in Hart’s own words, his breakdown of the sad and jolly Interview with the Vampire show tune:

The play is “My baby loves windows.” It was a song that I wrote for the episode called, “I Don’t Like Windows When They’re Closed,” and it’s supposed to be a sort of Broadway show tune, but also it had to be super duper saccharine and really cheesy. 

We know it says, in the script, that Claudia gets so tired of it. She’s so bored of it, and the main part of it’s the character having to play in a baby infant over and over again and being infantilized, as they talk about in the episode. I needed the song to feel that way too, just like Shirley Temple… Just so that it would be harder for her and that the repetition of it would feel more punishing. I think to that end Rolin Jones, the showrunner, also felt punished by that song [Laughs].

I really like it. I wrote it on piano. The first iteration was just going to be piano and vocals, and then Rolin decided, what we should do instead is have it on a record player. The theater spent the extra money, hired an orchestra to play the backing tracks, and then they put on the record player and the backing tracks play, and then Claudia sings it on stage. So, we got do it with the orchestra, so I was arranging my own solo piano version for orchestra. I feel like it’s some of the best arranging I’ve ever done for orchestra.

I was really so very pleased once the orchestra actually recorded it, because there’s certainly always a difference between sampled orchestral instruments that I use in my demos and the actual players. This was one of the most drastic differences in how much it brought that song to life when the actual players played it. We were recording it with the Synchron Stage Vienna Orchestra in Vienna, and I’m sitting here in my studio at home listening to it remotely. 

They were playing, and I was like, “Oh, wow, it feels like a show tune.” All the instruments are so busy and everybody’s talking to each other. The woodwinds are talking to the strings, the brass is up here, and they come down. I am really happy with how it all turned out.

Interview with the Vampire, which will return for a third season, is now available to stream on AMC+.

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