Producers united

Producers United was recently formed to address the diminishing role that a career producer brings to the table in any given production. A career producer generates projects by discovering original ideas and concepts brought forth by forging relationships with writers, actors, and directors and shepherding them through the studios for film and television. Often the producer will seek funding before this, being involved from inception to completion.

This collective was formed to advocate the sustainability of this role, hoping to ensure that a plethora of diverse and original ideas make it through the noise. They seek fair compensation as often a producer’s job can be a painstaking one that is rarely given the credit deserved as the job is literally to support others’ visions and dreams. As the modern blockbuster era and the age of streaming have taken hold, fewer original productions see the light of day but these individuals are still doing the work.

In the face of work stoppages due to COVID-19 and the Strikes of 2023, the work of a dedicated producer is only going to become more important not only to the survival of this position but to the industry itself. Streaming has been the main driver of these trends and most streamers don’t report accurate viewing numbers for their shows and they have flattened ancillaries to the point that there are fewer outlets to make revenue. One way that studios have tried to cut costs is by eliminating many producer deals that were once very common throughout the business.

Producers United is asking for respectful treatment, payment for services rendered, and healthcare contributions for not only its members but to all career producers. The current trends have led to buyouts and capped fees and some career producers are finding it harder to make a living and are dropping out of the position, leaving a void. Producers United has over 85 members and they are some of the most prominent producers in the industry and are working on this project pro bono to ensure a bright future for this important entertainment industry role.

Eric Green

Eric Green has over 25 years of professional experience producing creative, marketing, and journalistic content. Born in Flushing, Queens and based in Los Angeles, Green has a catalog of hundreds of articles, stories, photographs, drawings, and more. He is the director of the celebrated 2014 Documentary, Beautiful Noise and the author of the novella Redyn, the graphic novel Bonk and Woof, and the novel, The Lost Year. Currently, he is hard at work on a book chronicling the lives of the greatest Character Actors.