Beef creator
Steven Yeun and Ali Wong in Beef (Credit: Netflix)

Beef was more than another piece of content. The series from creator and director, Lee Sung Jin, was a conversation starter. The Emmy-winner created a dialogue about identity and mental health. On top of that, an entertaining drama with bite, fun, and a killer mono e mono story. With the next chapter in the anthology series, Beef creator can’t and won’t repeat the lightning in the bottle that is season one. However, don’t worry, Beef fans, Lee Sung Jin will continue mapping out his stories in apps.

There’s more than a moral or two in Beef, but if there’s a lesson from behind the scenes, the creator recently revealed it to Deadline:

“I write down everything. David Lynch says something along the lines of, ‘No matter where you are, just write down everything, because the worst feeling in the world is forgetting this thing you thought was good, and it’ll never come back again.’ My notes app is just full of scribbles. For [Beef] I would go back on funny interactions and see if there’s a place where that psychology could fit. Sometimes, I’ll be on the phone with someone, and they’ll hear my fingers clacking and they’re like, ‘Are you writing this down?’ and I’m like, ‘Yeah, I am. Sorry.’

Storytelling advice of the day: write all your crap down, because who knows, it might help create a great piece of television someday.

Miles Kelley

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