If anyone knows how to make a grand American Western these days, it’s Kevin Costner. Costner bet big on himself by financing the first two parts of his upcoming films, Horizon: An American Saga, due out this summer. The Yellowstone star’ has spent shy of $100 million so far on his potential four-party story. Before part one makes its debut at the Cannes Film Festival, Costner explained the gamble.

It’s all about time. Costner doesn’t want to waste his on this planet, as he told Deadline. “We don’t know how much time we have on this Earth,” Costner said. “You’re going to drive home. You don’t know if somebody gets on the on-ramp going the wrong way. This happened to a guy I liked, who loves movies and who I’d just talked to, and in an instant he was gone. I’ve lived my life the way I’ve lived it, and if I would be taken tomorrow, and didn’t make the third and fourth, it wouldn’t be as important as the fact that I got to make the first two. There was a window in to where my heart was. And when people speak of you later, they should speak of your heart. Well, who was this person? I have done what I’ve intended to do, and I’m not Ahab, but I have my own vision of what I want to give people.”

Horizon isn’t the first time Costner has sunk his own cash into the project. He’s never afraid to bet on himself. While money spent is a part of the discussion surrounding Horizon, when the film comes out, hopefully we’ll be talking about another rich western from Costner. The last time he directed a film, audiences got his masterpiece, Open Range.

Part One of Horizon opens in theaters June 28th.

Jack Giroux

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