Stunt category
Stuntman Peter Kent Terminator 2: Judgement Day (Credit: TriStar Pictures)

The Academy Awards might change their ways when it comes to the world of stunt coordinators and performers. The organization is now, at the very least, publicly considering the inclusion of a stunt category at the historic awards show.

Finally, performers who break their bones and risk their lives for art might get their shot at the golden statue.

Bill Kramer, Academy CEO, confirmed to Empire Magazine they’re in talks with the stunt community about making the necessary change one day. Academy President Janet Yang, too, acknowledged the desire to right an Academy wrong. “The Academy is like a living, breathing organism,” Yang said. “We listen to our members, and if there’s really strong support and there’s whole mechanisms for how to advance the cause, and they’re interested… That’s what happened with [the new] Casting [category]. We’ve created new branches over the decades. So it does evolve, and it evolves with the changing industry.”

A stunt category at the Academy Awards can’t come soon enough.

Miles Kelley

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